You Can’t Control My Health

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    It’s my body I’ll be healthy if I want to.                                                                                               

Do you ever get tired of people trying to tell you what you should do to improve your health? There have been many times I felt like screaming to the top of my lungs when I would hear someone tell another what they should do to improve their health. First of all, you don’t look that healthy to me so why are you trying to give someone else advice. You don’t know my situation or health history or that I’m capable of running a 5k at any given moment, so why are you trying to control my health? Anyone that’s interested in their health will either research what they want to know or join a gym to learn more about the process. Everyone is interested in their health in one way or another whether they speak it or not, but it’s up to you to participate in the process.

after and before picture

I don’t like the way I look.

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard this statement I would be able to just buy another body. (if that was possible) There are many ways to change the way you look from dressing differently to the way you carry yourself. Changing the way you look is not really that simple but often it’s the best starting place if you haven’t convinced yourself to make changes in your body. Once you make up your mind to work on the things you don’t like about your body, it will be easier to do, unless you get distracted easily. Just make a plan and stick to it, or find someone that will hold you accountable to your commitment because it’s really easy to get distracted when you first begin your journey but don’t let life get in the way of your accomplishments.

Unless you have plenty of money to pay for body sculpting, you’ll do what I did. I decided to work out to get my body to a desirable look. Starting a cardio workout was harder for me in the beginning than actually working on areas I wanted to change. I have to admit, I had just started working at a fitness center and it was easier for me to work on those areas that needed it most. The good news is once you get to the place you want to be, it’s not as hard to focus on staying there even when you’re not working at a fitness center. The thing I didn’t want to do was start over. If you keep reminding yourself of the sacrifices you made then, it will help you stay focused and live the look you always wanted.

If you can relate to any part of this, I would love to hear your feedback.

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