Warning – Coronavirus Affects Your Thinking Abilities

  Today, the Coronavirus is affecting the minds of millions of people, as they listen to all the rumors about the infectious virus. It has everyone in an uproar, with everyone rushing to stores, buying up enough essentials like toilet paper, food, water, etc. to help them in case of a quarantine, whereas, if you think about it, it’s only causing more possibilities of spreading the virus of those already infected.

The Coronavirus has the same symptoms as the ordinary flu, runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, which are all the same symptoms that infect us everyday and a major reason that older people are at risk. People with heart problems, lung disease, diabetes, or any other problems of such, that are being treated on a daily basis, can expect to be at a higher risk level than others. These symptoms can attack anyone with a low immune system, causing them to be more vulnerable to the corona virus or any other disease at hand, and may cause death.

Lowering the chances of being infected are the same practices that should be used in everyday life. Washing your hands after any task performed, coughing into the bind of your elbow, sneezing into a tissue, not putting unsanitary items in your mouth for convenience to you, sanitizing shared areas, are all the normal routines that should be performed on a daily basis to avoid causing problems for yourself and others. These common practices used consistently is the only defense we have for our body health and to avoid contamination that may affect others.

Most people don’t use these practices in everyday life and need the government to tell them to do so, when there is an outbreak of a newly named virus. The government seems to be controlling our lives just as they see fit. The Coronavirus has the same systems as other viruses that can lead to death but the biggest difference is that it has a name, allowing it to keep you in a frizzy, allowing schools to close to reduce the spread of the germs, and creates an opportunity for businesses to make more sales as a way to boost the economy. When in fact, it increases the spread of germs that can be infectious because everyone is congregating to the stores to buy supplies in case of quarantine, yet decreases the ability to earn income, all to give the world a reason to unite or at least a reason to be on the same page.

Hopefully this epidemic won’t cause the world to shut down. Use this opportunity to research each one of the virus names on a bottle of Lysol cleaner to truly understand the germs it kills and incorporate the use of the cleaner into your daily events, help stop the spread of viruses and stay healthy. That’s my thoughts, what’s yours? I would love to hear your comments.




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