Technology and Health – It’s Physical

   Today’s technology is rapidly taking control of normal everyday activities from shopping online, ordering with pick up capabilities without leaving your auto, paying with an app, to providing workout routines with the ability to track any information needed for fitness, it’s necessary to create a new lifestyle accordingly.  In order to keep up with the modern traditions, we frequently have to change the way we think, the way we communicate, and our lifestyle.

wearable technology

If I told you the fastest and simplest method to get fit, would you be intrigued? I’m certain you would be all ears, I would. To stay on top of the latest in fitness and health, it’s less complicated to do when you have some type of wearable technology like Apple watch, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, or any wearable device to monitor your body functions. This is an easier way to collect essential health metrics, boost workout performance, as well as advance you to a healthier lifestyle to enhance your quality of life. These devices will sync with heart monitors to review performance in real-time and to motivate you to press harder and increase competition elements to surpass  friends. Pushing yourself to higher levels will improve your chances of reaching your fitness goal and seeing results faster.

HIIT workout

   HIIT – high intensity interval training – 30 minutes or less of high intensity exercise followed by brief rest breaks, is another way to boost your efficiency. This sort of exercising includes strength training and cardiovascular exercise into one and can be performed with a group or solo.  If you perform better in group sessions, this could be the way to go in order to push yourself to your highest potential. If you’re the type person that needs to track your performance along the way, then by all means keep track, this will encourage you to perform at your highest level.

DNA test

Another way to reach your highest potential is getting a DNA test for health and learn what hormones are preventing you from burning fat. You will find a variety or details about your physiology that impact your fitness level. Testing will give you insights on what will and will not work for you when it comes to burning fat. This is the reason some people shed fat faster than others, our hormones may differ and prevent us from shedding fat at the same rate. Knowing your DNA will not only give you understanding regarding your hormones, it will permit you to pursue your goal as well as reach it quicker, provided you understand what will benefit you and what doesn’t.

   Incorporating HIIT, DNA with a wearable devise will provide you with all the insight you’ll need to reach your next level of fitness and will allow you to exercise at a level that your body will obtain. You won’t have to struggle finding out what works for you and what doesn’t, you can concentrate on obtaining the results you desire.

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