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Dieting Tips You Want To Know

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With a variety of diets available today, it’s harder to choose which one to try. Choosing a diet that fits into our busy schedules is very important to our success. We hear about different diets that sound promising and simple to follow but find it’s not what we thought it was. It leaves you hungry by the second day and there’s no way to stick with the diet for 2 more days much less 2 more weeks. We all know that keeping the weight off is a bigger challenge than shedding a few pounds for a special event. That’s why it’s important to understand a diet plan is different than a diet.

Choosing a diet plan requires research to determine the right plan due to the consideration factors.

Health Status

  •  The idea is to incorporate healthy foods in your diet plan.
  •  If you ha...
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Improve Mental Health With …

   Dealing with the affects of Covid 19 can be very stressful for many people. Staying at home, avoiding contact with as many people as possible and keeping social distancing at the fore-front of our thoughts is sort of a challenge as we fight for our sanity. Well the good news is, if you’re among the millions of people that has a regular exercise routine, you will have the upper hand.

Regular exercise lowers anxiety, boost your self esteem and improves stress level which all are key components that keep our mental health in check. I can say when you’re around others that doesn’t exercise regularly, well let’s just say; they must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed or someone messed with their corn flakes. But regular exercise will give you the ability to quickly adapt to any ...

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Exercise And Weight Loss Weight Reduction For You

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Have you ever recognized people who can consume precisely what you eat, or more, and seem to never ever work out? They appear to have some safely-guarded secret about how to lose weight. Maybe they do. Possibilities are that their bodies simply are more efficient at burning off calories; the common term for this is ‘high metabolic process’. Fortunately, you can boost your metabolism, too.

There is an ongoing dispute about whether food or workout is the most important component for successful weight-loss, but it’s actually an argument that does more damage than good. If both sides agree that both food and exercise play some part, then encouraging individuals to do both is the very best method to enhance an individuals’ total health.

Researchers and chemists have lo...

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Beer And Fitness – Can You Drink Beer And Stay Fit?

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Over 90 million Americans enjoy drinking beer! Drinking moderately has been proven by many doctors, as well as the New England Journal of Medicine, to be a healthy component of longevity. Moderate consumption of alcohol, including beer, has been proven to reduce the effects of high cholesterol, heart disease, some forms of cancer and even impotence.Anything done in excess is naturally unhealthy. “Moderation” is defined by most doctors as 1-2 beers a day. And NO, you can not save up through the week and catch up on the weekend drinking 10-12 beers in an evening. That is NOT moderation. There is even a US Beer Drinking Team that links beer enthusiasts and promotes moderation, responsibility, and healthy living.

This week I was asked an interesting question concern...
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Warning – Coronavirus Affects Your Thinking Abilities

  Today, the Coronavirus is affecting the minds of millions of people, as they listen to all the rumors about the infectious virus. It has everyone in an uproar, with everyone rushing to stores, buying up enough essentials like toilet paper, food, water, etc. to help them in case of a quarantine, whereas, if you think about it, it’s only causing more possibilities of spreading the virus of those already infected.

The Coronavirus has the same symptoms as the ordinary flu, runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, which are all the same symptoms that infect us everyday and a major reason that older people are at risk...

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What’s For Dinner?

Honey Garlic Chicken is amazing chicken recipe to have as a backup plan.  A healthy easy meal at a fraction of the cost of eating out and you can skip the preparation of getting the kids dressed and the hassle of parking when you’re able to have a nice dinner at home.

Honey Garlic Chicken

Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

Honey garlic chicken! It is a saucy, juicy and easy recipe that takes about 30 minutes of your time. You can use chicken breast or thighs, depending on your preference.

“What’s for dinner?”,  make honey garlic sauce, bake chicken and cook a side while chicken is cooking in the oven. You may prefer backed chicken vs. fried for health reasons, so quick 10 minute marinating is all this chicken needs while heating the oven and preparing ingredients.

Honey Garlic Chicken garnished with green onion and sesame seeds

Ingredients You Will Need

  • Chicken brea...
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How To Improve Your Health Without Costly Changes

  When you think about improving your health, the first thing some people think is “how much will this cost?” Does it require trips to the gym? Will I have to buy certain foods that cost extra? There are many questions that go thru someone’s mind when improving health is involved. The truth about your questions can be simple if you think about how much it will cost to continue down the current path of doing nothing.

What are the requirements?

The first thing is to think logically. In today’s world, everyone wants what they want that very instance without regard to what it cost and without rational thinking of the long term effects. Sure, you can do what everyone else is doing but is that right for you? Everyone runs to the doctor’s office at the first sign of body changes, hoping for an...

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Plans To Improve Health

Making plans to improve health is usually something that is put on the back burner because no one seems to know how to put their thoughts or words into an action plan. People might say, I plan to do better with my overall health next year, and it’s like everything else you want to accomplish, you have to write it down. Write down everything you want to change about your health, prioritize your list, write down how you plan to achieve this goal, and continue until your list is complete. There may be things you may already be working on but haven’t quite achieved, just add a few new ideas that will help you to continue and go to the next item on the list.

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