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Baking Cookies For School Project

  This is not a way to lose weight by any means, but it is a fun project to share with your kids during the COVID – 19 crisis. My granddaughter had to pick from a list of 3 things that she could do for her homework, and she chose making cookies. I thought it was pretty neat and the fact that she wanted me to help her, was even better. It’s a great tool to use while teaching shapes, counting, sharing, and creative activity that taste good too. Children can learn as they are held accountable for homework completion and to assist and complete a project.

Mix together

2 c. sugar,

2 sticks butter,

1 cap vanilla,

2 eggs.

Add 1 cup flour and blend,

add another cup flour slowly while blending,

add 1 more cup flour very slowly as blending.

We rolled the dough with a rolling pin, then cut out or...

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How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap

You can get rid of cradle cap from the infants head by gently brushing the scalp with a soft bristle baby brush or a soft but new toothbrush, brushing the scalp in the same direction for a few minutes a day. Cradle cap is caused by an attributed hormone passed from the mother to the infant and causes a decrease in the immune system. Cradle cap is a result of foods that decrease the immune system. It’s hard to change a babies diet as the formula is their source of nutrition but mothers that intend to breastfeed have a better chance of the newborn not having cradle cap by avoiding the foods that contribute to cradle cap.

Cradle cap is not uncommon in infants and it usually lasts until 3 months of age, however, it could be visible up to the age of 4 years old...

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Advantages Of Both Parents Being Present In Childrens Lives


There are many advantages of both parents being present in children’s lives and some of the results are very obvious. I was watching a family interact with their child in a pool this past weekend, and seeing parents and older brother interact with the child was amazing. Tossing him between the father and brother, he was having the time of his life, receiving total dedication of their time for his enjoyment. He was only 2 years old but had the mentality of a 4 years old, when he splashed into the water with his chest hitting first, I thought oh God is he ok? Parents asking him if he was ok, he quickly shook it off without shedding a single tear, replying I’m okay as he directed them to toss him again, he was ready.

Interacting with his parents, on a higher level than some adults, and...

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Allergies Among Children


It can be hard to distinguish what causes allergies among children and determining the best solution for it. Depending on the weather at the time, it may be hard to determine if your child has a common or severe cold or if you’re dealing with allergy problems due to the fact that the symptoms are similar.  If it seems the child is always sick no matter what the season, it’s most likely an allergy problem and should be addressed with the pediatrician.  The doctor will be able to determine if it’s a specific allergy or if it’s something that will decrease as the child gets older and they’re able to prescribe medication for the allergies.

There are many things that cause allergies like pollen and some causes can be eliminated with a few actions from the caregiver...

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Constipation Leads To Missed Opportunities


Constipation leads to missed opportunities that you could enjoy and some of those that you may be glad to miss. This is something that almost every human being has experienced at once in their lifetime, whether it’s remembered or if it was during the infant stage of life.  If it’s remembered, you know all too well, how horrible it can make you feel. Daily bowel movements are a natural part of everyday life and unfortunately something that parents have to try to keep up with, not only for themselves but their children too.

I had a friend, that worked all the time, or at least it seemed that way, on two different occasions her son was constipated, complaining of a stomach ache for a couple of days, not knowing if he had a bowel movement or not...

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When Children Are Involved

Children Playing

When children are involved, whether it’s summer break from school, or if it’s on vacation, it’s important for them to know what the plans are, when they can expect to do kid-friendly activities and what is expected of them for you to enjoy the time too. Children are always anxious to do some type of activity, especially on vacation as soon as the destination is reached. Doing something small or less time consuming when you first arrive will allow you to enjoy the rest of the day because you can remind them, you allowed them to enjoy an activity first. Once you have unpacked and it’s time for your next level of enjoyment, let them know what you have chosen to do next, whether it’s on a kid level or not, they need to know what to expect.

Plans for the next kid event should...

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Gift Of Giving Birth

Pregnancy Before Birth

Giving birth to a precious baby is a gift in life that most women expect to happen during adulthood and knowing what to expect and how to react to the bodies changing forms is not something you should learn thru trial and error. This time in life should be taken very seriously and preparing yourself for it will ease the physical and emotional pain that you’ll endure. Pregnancy can be enjoyed if prepared and what you do during the pregnancy will have effects on the baby’s survival.

Taking care of your body, eating nutritious meals, knowing medications allowed to take during pregnancy, talking and reading to them, having a good attitude, not getting upset are among a few things that you can control...

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Avoiding Germs Can Seem Impossible

Avoid Germs

If you recently had a baby, avoiding germs seem to be impossible. Lots of women sanitize their home in the last week or so of their pregnancy yet have no problem taking the little one among other people within the first week home. Babies start with a very low tolerance to germs and should be secluded as long as possible. Do you think about the germs that are being spread just from someone else holding you’re baby? I’m not a germaphobic but you would have thought differently if you were around after the birth of my child. I used glass bottles for the first 3 months of her life that I gathered from the hospital because I was able to boil the bottles after each use. I used baby milk from a can so I didn’t have to boil the water to mix with milk substances. Cleaning the baby’s ba...

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Swimming For Fun Or Lessons

Swimming Waters

Swimming is an all-time favorite for most people during the summer months but also can be the nightmare you often thought about. Swimming can be a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon, making a few laps around the pool to satisfy the daily exercise requirements you have set for yourself. Just floating around with a refreshing drink at hand is my version of enjoying a lazy day in the water. Adults and children love to be in the water on those hot summer days, but it can be a devastating time for someone who doesn’t know how to swim. The best gift in life is swimming lessons at an early age. The age that children should be taught to swim is truly undetermined but if the child displays a fearless concept when they’re in the water, it’s time for lessons...

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Brain Development Among Children

Brain Development

Children display their brain development in many different ways,  but they’re usually categorized by age instead of ability. Some of the contributing factors of the child’s brain development are the behavior displayed around them. Babies learn different functions at different intervals defining their abilities and characteristics. Many adjustments have to be made for them to develop at their pace. Thinking a child will be smart just because the parents are smart is not necessarily true but if enough time is spent with the child, perhaps this can be the case. Talking to your baby daily, beginning at the time they’re born, will give them a sense of security and start the brain development process. Babies and toddlers mimic things we do, therefore only doing things you wa...

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Lack Of Attention May Cause Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems

Behavior problems can show signs at an early age because young children and babies desire the same attention as most young adults, yet in many cases, they’re not receiving the necessary time needed to nurture them. When children aren’t given enough nurturing daily, they tend to have a behavior problem that could be avoided if parents would set aside adequate time to spend with them. Giving them the special time of their own gives them a sense of belonging, feeling like they’re a part of your life that surrenders good behavior. Children need different levels of attention, ten minutes with one child may be enough, while others need twenty minutes or more, depending on their maturity as they grow up. It’s parents responsibility to create a suitable living situation and acc...

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