Say Goodbye To Dieting Forever

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Are you tired of trying diet after diet and still not getting the results you desire? Well you’re not the only one that has been thru that time and time again. I will share with you the mental game of weight loss to help you achieve the goal you’re always thriving for. If you’re like me you get tired of starting a diet, constantly feeling like you’re starving to death and it’s only day 3 of the diet. I was tired of looking for diets that would help me lose weight and 6 months later I was looking again and again. I took a course in weight loss, searching for a simpler way to lose weight and keep it off. This is what I learned and it made so much sense to me, not only with weight loss but anything in life.

Following these guidelines will transform your life.

  • Mindset – is a collection of a persons attitude, beliefs, value and the way we look at life. I’m sure there are many things that were instilled in our brain as a child like you have to work for pay and you’ll never get to the top, or everyone in our family is overweight and that’s why you are, it’s genetic and we can’t change that. Holding on to these mindsets will keep you from achieving your goals.
  • Reasons – the understanding of why. Saying I want to lose weight is not strong enough to change your mindset or to allow you to take enough action to get results. Determination to show someone that you can do something that they think you can’t do. Repeat your goals and how you will achieve them to yourself every night before bed and every morning when you wake up. Pretty soon your actions will become habits and results will follow.
  • Beliefs –  is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case with or without evidence to prove it factual. When you have negative thinking patterns, they will pull you down and prevent you from reaching your goal but a positive reinforcement will be quite the opposite. Limiting beliefs whether personal or weight loss will prevent you from being the person you’re meant to be. Build your self-esteem, believe in yourself, and show the world you can’t be defeated.
  • Habits – an action that is performed over and over again. Habits are created by doing one or two simple task over and over again. When you turn your beliefs into action it becomes a habit and with changing the way you diet will transform into healthy eating habits, and that along with a fitness plan will transform your body into a lean machine and you can say goodbye to diets forever.
  • Success – going from failure to failure enthusiastically till success comes. Anything worth achieving, is worth fighting for. If you put in the work day after day, week after week, year after year results will come.

A physical transformation requires discipline, perseverance, heartaches, failures and learning from failures. The simplest way to determine how many calories you should consume each day is to multiply your body weight by 10. To determine how many calories you should consume to lose weight, simply decrease the calories by 10-30%. If you are active, calorie intake should be increased by your level of activity. More details on calculating for active bodies will be shared in the next post.


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