Relationships – Can Be Beneficial Or Cause Health Problems

Did you know that relationships can have an impact on your health?

It can either improve your health or it can cause more health problems in the future. This is one area that people usually don’t think about, the impact that relationships can have on a person’s health. Being in a healthy relationship can be valuable to your mental health without causing stress to other parts of the body. Negative relationships can harm parts of your body that you’ve never even considered.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for someone to have fun?

Some people don’t approve of this type of relationship for them, but personally, allowing yourself to enjoy the moment without judgment can be the best option. Relationships can sometimes feel like a job and you’re always wondering if you’re doing it right but if you’re just needing companionship at the moment, this could be a better fit. If you start to hang out often, it might be a good idea to let them know that you’re not looking for commitment. My friend and I have a lot of fun together and we’re able to just be ourselves, we help each other with projects that the other can’t do, we go to dinner, watch movies, etc. without the pressure, just enjoying life.


Are you looking for a long term relationship?

Most people are always looking for a long term relationship and that’s when you really need to take mental notes of their actions in all situations. Does this person meet any or all criteria of your expectations? Some actions of your partner can have a negative influence on your health. One of my longtime friends was in a relationship that not only was mentally abusive but also caused them to start drinking excessively to escape reality, which caused damage to the liver. After 5 years of abuse, they decided to divorce, that was the best option for that situation.

How to choose the right partner: 

It’s important for the person to meet your qualifications, have an ability to handle situations to your expectations and not be selfish. 

  • Do you feel comfortable and safe with them? Know that your best interest is the focus, can trust them to stand up when needed, you can be yourself without being judged and confident that making jokes about you is just for fun.
  • Can you be confident that you will be taken care of in times of trouble? Accident, or medical problems, loss of a job?
  • Do you trust them in your absence? Are they representing as a part of you? Do they trust you out with your friends?
  • Do they appreciate you? Thankful that you are there to lighten the load. Appreciative of the little things. Tell you thanks.
  • Are they helpful? Do you have to do all the chores by yourself or they are willing to give you a hand. Doing everything by yourself can be very tiring on the body and after a while can cause physical damage to your body from excessive exertion.
  • Are you a part of the decision making? Listen to your point of view in discussions before a decision is made.
  • Do they get along with people you care about? Sometimes family members can be hard to separate. Are they willing to compromise?
  • Do they make you proud to be in their presence? or do they embarrass you in some situations?

These are usually the most important things to look for in a person you intend to spend any amount of time with. You can always make your own list of qualifications that include things you are willing to compromise. Know that the person is truthful to you and will uplift you whenever needed. Time is something that you can’t get back, so choose your partner accordingly.





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