Plans To Improve Health

Making plans to improve health is usually something that is put on the back burner because no one seems to know how to put their thoughts or words into an action plan. People might say, I plan to do better with my overall health next year, and it’s like everything else you want to accomplish, you have to write it down. Write down everything you want to change about your health, prioritize your list, write down how you plan to achieve this goal, and continue until your list is complete. There may be things you may already be working on but haven’t quite achieved, just add a few new ideas that will help you to continue and go to the next item on the list.

Hopefully, your list of needs is not a long one because that can overwhelm you and nothing will be accomplished. Maybe you can work on several at a time but you have to remind yourself every day, to execute your plan and not allow it to go by the wayside. Once you start to feel better and your plans begin to develop, you will realize, it’s not as hard as you thought it would be and you’ll be happier and healthier in the long run.

Knowing that your list is decreasing the number of doctor visits, getting better results from your visits, and keeping the cost of your health insurance down, are all the rewards you can look forward to. You probably won’t get sick as often from common illnesses we face every year, like colds and sore throats because you’ve taken the initiative to improve your overall health. You can save those sick days and make them fun days, your family and employers will appreciate it.

Add some fitness plans into your list as this will be added value for you and your family. It will give you the ability to interact more with the family, on activities they enjoy and you will feel less tired when trying to keep up with the younger ones that like to stay active. Think about how much fun your vacations will be when you realize you’re able to do as much as anyone else without being the tired one, all because you made those plans to improve your health.

Keep your list handy and see how much you have accomplished and how many of those plans won’t be at the forefront of the next years’ plans. Jot down the date that you began to feel accomplished beside each task and reward yourself. This will give you an idea of just how long it took and make note of how you feel about it at that moment, whether it is positive or if you are struggling. That will give you information to help someone else that might not be doing as well as you or you may be able to ask for someone else advice to help get you back on the right track. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you helped someone else, that you care about, accomplish their goals too?

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