Nutritional Value And Benefits

Getting older and thinking back on life events, makes you wonder if you could have taken better care of your body. Knowing the exact causes and benefits of healthy eating makes a world of difference.

Lack of Protein
For instance, did you know the lack of protein in your diet could be the cause of hair thinning or hair loss, rashes on your skin, muscle cramps, nail damage, may even inhibit body growth in children and the big one “ cause damage to your liver”?

Lowering Your Carb Intake
Simply minimizing your carbohydrate intake can improve your fat-burning abilities, minimize your blood pressure, slow your aging process, and enhance your daily performance.

Not often do you hear about unsaturated fats having a value in your diet, but the fact is they improve blood cholesterol levels, eases inflammation, stabilizes heart rhythm, produces muscle gain, and better reproductive health in both men and women.
These fats are essential to brain health, keeps the lungs working properly, boost your immune system, good for your heart, and provides twice the energy as carbohydrates for a longer period of time.

Strength Training
Another benefit to your health is strength training. Strength training will lower the risk of high blood pressure, lower diabetic issues, and weakening of the bones.

When I was in my early twenties, hoping to fulfill my dreams and make a difference in someone’s life, I was fortunate enough to work at what I called a dream job, as an exercise instructor. A friend of mine owned a fitness spa and offered me the opportunity, as we had previously worked together at a different fitness facility. I was always reading material on health and looking for beneficial exercises for my class groups.

Not thinking a whole lot about nutrients but more about making my classes effective as far as shedding pounds and building muscle. We hear about the food groups like protein, carbohydrates, fat, and sugar but rarely hear about the importance of them and their benefits broken down.
I can’t recall the exact article I was reading at the time but the information explained in detail about the effects of the lack of some nutrients and some with the importance of each. It was actually interesting facts that most of us don’t even realize the lack of nutrients can cause in our daily lives.

Furthermore, most people probably don’t know the effects of each nutrient on the body much less than the effects of lack of nutrients. This information would benefit so many people, especially during the aging process, if they take the time to learn their functions.
Tell someone you care about to learn the facts about nutrients or simply share this information with them. After all, when you care you share.

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