Manage Depression


It’s not an easy task to manage depression on your own unless you are able to determine the feelings are indeed depressed ones. Acknowledging the feelings of depression at an early stage will give you the upper hand on the situation and changing the surroundings is a good place to start. When you feel down and not quite sure why you are feeling this way is usually the first sign of depression. If you’re feeling the same or about the same the next day, it’s most likely the reason for those feelings. Acknowledging the feelings before reality is present will be the easiest way to detour them. Think about the reasons, ask yourself could this be a permanent situation or a temporary set back? Is there anything I can change alone? Is there something I can do with the help of others to alleviate the current situation?
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If you have someone you can confide in about your feelings, it’s best to do that within the first 2 days of feeling down to avoid slipping into a more severe state of depression. You have to remind yourself not to dwell on the problem but concentrate on the situation that needs changing and determine a solution whether it’s immediate or to work toward. This will give you a sense of relief that can be dwelt with instead of focusing as a problem. It’s not always easy to look for something good but it’s certainly easier than giving up. So stay focused on all the good things in your life and all the things you would or could do if the circumstances were different.

Have a friend or family member that doesn’t live in the same household come over or meet you somewhere you love to go like a park or a restaurant or somewhere you can enjoy with different surroundings and focus on new things. Keep your focus on the good times you had during that visitation and tell yourself you are not going to keep thinking about the negative issues at hand. Force yourself to smile but make it sincere to yourself. The earlier you detect there’s a possibility of depression, the easier it will be to accept and to find a solution that will help.

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