Improve Mental Health With …

   Dealing with the affects of Covid 19 can be very stressful for many people. Staying at home, avoiding contact with as many people as possible and keeping social distancing at the fore-front of our thoughts is sort of a challenge as we fight for our sanity. Well the good news is, if you’re among the millions of people that has a regular exercise routine, you will have the upper hand.

Regular exercise lowers anxiety, boost your self esteem and improves stress level which all are key components that keep our mental health in check. I can say when you’re around others that doesn’t exercise regularly, well let’s just say; they must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed or someone messed with their corn flakes. But regular exercise will give you the ability to quickly adapt to any situation we have and we’re able to adjust our  living situations without mental stress is just as important as body work outs that improve our looks.

Knowing that some type of regular exercise will help our overall situations when we are faced with a crisis is reason enough to follow a regular exercise regimen. There are so many types of exercising we can participate in from intense workouts to Yoga that will improve our well being and help sustain even the impact of mental stress. Yoga is becoming more popular among many americans because we seek less strenuous exercising as we get older yet still require the same benefits. 

Studies show that only 49% of the population continued there regular routines of exercise, and 39% were able to engage in some type of regular exercise to fulfill their requirements needed to with some sort of normal routine. Staying healthy in mind, body and soul will give us a mentality to help others in time of need while allowing us to continue with some type of normalcy in our own lives.

I’ve found that our mental stability is challenged more than our physical ability when we’re in a crisis, so it’s important to eat foods that will improve our mental health like berries, leafy greens, bananas, cucumbers, citrus, apples and carrots. Improving your mental health is vital, not only in a crisis but in our normal everyday activities. These foods not only help with mental status but also helps control our body weight. With so many benefits why do we require constant reminders of foods we should include in our everyday diets?   

If you’re participating in regular exercises and eating healthy, you can share your experiences with us by using the comment section. If you’re interested in learning more about overall health, you can ask questions in the comments section. We’re all in this together and commenting either way will help everyone’s transition into our normal routines once the Covid restraints are lifted.



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