How To Become A Better You

Believe in Yourself

How to become a better you is a question that most of us ask ourselves at some point in time but we never seem to come up with answers that we want to adhere to. On the other hand, we can think of a lot of answers for someone else, things they can work on to improve who they are. The truth is, we’re probably not far off from needing to work on the same things, it just doesn’t look to be as grim when we look at ourselves thru our own eyes.

Do you feel inadequate compared to others?

We usually judge ourselves by someone else actions and lack of confidence can be your worst enemy. Confidence is something that has to be developed and finding a personal cheerleader is the best way to overcome your fear. You can do this privately by thinking of one thing that you can do really good, and accepting praise from it and spending time around that person until you feel confident in yourself about the single task. Or, ask a friend for assistance to point out some reasons that interfere with your advancement and develop a strategy to overcome them.  It’s usually little things that hold you back, so think of something you know you’re good at and talk about it often until you achieve your confidence in that situation.


Are you that person that always talks about themselves?

This can be very annoying at times and someone that always talks about themselves is usually someone with a lack of confidence and needs validation. It’s okay to promote yourself but don’t forget others need validation too. If you’re always promoting yourself, unless you’re interviewing for a job, it will cause others to distance themselves from you because you’re usually not open for suggestions. You can come across as annoying and no one wants to hear about you, you, you all the time. Make it appoint to recognize someone else and promote their self-esteem, you’re more likely to be accepted.

Do you always think you’re right?

While many people have different views about different situations, it can be very challenging when there’s someone who always thinks they’re right about everything and doesn’t listen to other’s thoughts and suggestions. This type of person can be very annoying and the fact that everyone has opinions and different ways to approach opportunities, they always think they are right. Allowing other suggestions will open more options for you and broadens your knowledge. Improving your actions will only improve your acceptance as a person and your opinion will be of more value.


Keep an open mind to other opinions. Make your associate look good and it will be returned to you. Allow others to talk about instances without making it all about you. Be confident in yourself, even if there’s only one thing you’re sure of, and without coming across as a know it all. Do your best at everything, always be nice to others, observe your role model and you will learn simple ways to improve your life and become a better you.




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