Do You Need Help Finding The Best Fitness For You?

  When the new year begins, losing weight is a popular subject in which most people will engage. After a couple of months of eating holiday treats it’s no wonder you hear diet at this time of year more than any other time. We’ll hear talk about losing weight over and over again and for some reason, we can’t engrave into our brain that indulging in all the treats will create this situation. I know that anytime there’s a homemade cookie around, I have to either convince myself not to eat it or remind myself a longer workout will be necessary. Everyone’s needs are different so finding what works for you, may not work for your co-worker due to metabolisms being different, so you’ll need to adjust your workout along the way.

  Don’t be too hard on yourself

Searching for the right diet, one that helps you reach your goal can be frustrating at times but paying attention to your body needs will help you find the right balance. If you’re eating less but still not losing weight or you feel hungry all the time, chances are your diet is not going to last too long. Finding the right diet and workout plan is the biggest hindrance to achieving goals because we’ll get frustrated that things are not moving fast enough in the right direction and want to give up. If you don’t see results in a certain time frame don’t quit, just tell yourself that it’s not impossible for you to change your habits. Don’t be hard on yourself, just keep working toward your goal, even if it takes longer than you anticipated, after all, you can’t control everything. Don’t give up, change your mindset and approach the situation fully charged.

Why am I gaining weight instead of losing weight?  

If your diet is not working to outpace your workout, chances are you will experience weight gain. It doesn’t mean the diet isn’t working, it means your workout is improving in muscle mass faster than losing the fat. Haven’t you ever heard that muscle weighs more than fat? This is a prime example and your body could be reacting to your workout faster than you expected. But you may need to try a different diet if this persists for a long period of time because the goal is to get rid of the pounds and say hello to the newly sculpted body. Just focus on getting the ball rolling toward your goal and make a few adjustments to your chosen diet before deciding to ditch it.

    Are you eating the right foods?

Fitness starts with getting your body into workout mode and for you to have the persistence you need, your body will need fueling. This means eating foods that are high in protein and green leafy vegetables and avoiding lots of starchy foods. Trying different diets call for different foods and simply eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits along with leaner meats can do the trick but you still have to eat in moderation. Healthy snacks like nuts will add to your protein levels to help with your workout plan. Adjusting the amount of food intake, eating until you feel full, not stuffed, is the happy place you’re looking for. No matter what diet you choose, be sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals to sustain your daily routine. Always remember to drink lots of water, not only to keep your body hydrated but also helps to cleanse the body’s toxins.

Is this the right workout to follow?  

Three hours a week is the recommended target time to work out whether it’s 30 mins six days a week or 1 hour three times a week. It doesn’t take long strenuous workouts to maintain your body size but it does require more work if you’re trying to reduce or increase your body size. Adding more time to workouts will help achieve your goal faster but don’t overdo it because after a certain point you’re just wasting time anyway. Use a workout program that covers your cardio needs as well as your needs to accomplish your desired goal.…-into-your-lives/Do You Need Help Finding The Best Fitness For You?

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