Depression Is A Secret Killer Among Many

Depressed Man Sitting On A Wall

Depression is a secret killer among many people, some without visible effects. There are many people who are able to hide their depression in day to day activities while others have visible effects that may be noticed thru changes in behavior. If you suspect someone is dealing with depression, try to conversate with them or have someone that’s very understanding and compassionate talk with them to uncover the source of the problem. After the initial consultation, set followups to assure them you have their best interest in mind and allow another opportunity to talk about different situations at hand. If you believe the problem is more serious than you’re able to deal with, recommend qualified personnel to assist if you think they will reject a recommendation of professional help. Depression is not something that you decide to be a part of but is something that develops over a period of time. Many people have problems arising daily, and compounding the circumstances, forcing many into a deep depression without them realizing.

Depression can overpower one’s thoughts to the point they no longer are able to focus on anything but their problems and could cause fatal results. If you’re not able to focus on your work or present events without thinking about the problems that caused the depression in the first place, you may need to seek professional help but if you have the ability to clear your mind at times, focus on changing the situation into a positive one.

I had a very close friend, that was depressed and I wasn’t around often enough to realize it was more serious than I could see. He was going to work every day and continued with normal activities but what I didn’t know was how depressed he was even though I was one of the last few people he had confided in. He always had drinks after work but his drinking had increased and altered his mind in a situation that caused him to take his own life. Afterward, I learned that he had visited with many different people, within a two-week time span, some in which was out of his normal group of associated people but people he cared for enough to visit one last time. He had been planning his suicide without anyone knowing while seeking for the help of his situation without anyone realizing the seriousness. When someone is venting to you or discussing a situation with you, pay attention to what they’re saying to offer solutions, and react to their response accordingly because depression is a secret killer.

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