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Kegel Exercises Are Beneficial

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are beneficial to both women and men. Learning the exercises while pregnant will help women prepare for easier childbirth by strengthening the muscles surrounding the vaginal floor. Having stronger muscles will give the ability to push at appropriate times during childbirth to avoid extra exertion during delivery. It will also help during pregnancy because you’re able to control the bladder on a different level. Feeling like you have to run to the bathroom to avoid wetting yourself or even leaking while laughing or coughing, will give you the control you need...

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Flatten The Tummy As You Walk

Flat Tummy

You can flatten the tummy as you walk by simply holding your stomach in, over time this will become natural. By gently holding in the stomach, the abdominal muscles will start to tighten and result in a tighter tummy and the workout process will seem much easier when faster results are revealed. This will not completely take care of the problem area but it aides in the process as you add abdominal exercises to your routine. Not only does this train the abdominal muscles but also improves the posture which in return, improves the oxygen level in the lungs, so the energy level will improve. Working the abdominal muscles as you are sitting will be beneficial as well and will keep the focus on the muscles at all times.

Lying on the floor, with knees bent and arms outstretched in f...

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Waist Your Time On Working Abs


If it’s time for a workout, you can waist your time on working abs. Start slimming your waistline with the following exercises that not only work the waist but lower back areas where fat builds up and few abdominal exercises included. Abdominals covered in the next blog. Remember to warm-up before starting any exercises.

Standing with feet 12 inches apart, raise left arm over the head with palm facing up, the other hand on hip, bend only the waist to the right are far as possible keeping hips in place, back to the upright position, repeat 10 times, change arms, complete 3 sets.

Standing with feet 12 in. apart, fold arms and raise to chest level, twisting from side to side while keeping the hips forward and arms stationary with 1,2 bounce each time. Repeat 20 times.

Lying on the flo...

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Make Those Thunder Thighs Roll


Exercising can make those thunder thighs roll into the perfection of everyone’s dream. Having large legs can be a good thing if you exercise to keep them with a profound definition. Great looking legs no matter what size will cause envy and will boost the ego. Always begin with a warm-up exercise before doing more strenuous ones.

Exercises that can be done at home or in the gym with the right equipment: With a bungee cord, tie one end forming a circle to go around the ankle,  using a high back or around waist level chair, tie the other end to the chair leaving a foot of slack in cord, stand beside the chair back with one hand on the chair for balance, slip foot of outer leg into the circle and extend leg out to the side and back in to other foot, repeat 15 times on each side.


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You Can Lose Fat By Adding Weight

Fat On Back

Did you know that you can lose fat by adding weight? Since back fat is the number one reason that new summer top that’s so cute and all the summer clothes that were purchased at the end of the season and for a great price, doesn’t fit as good on the body as remembered.  By adding weights to the workout, it will change the appearance of the body and the cute top will look great again. Start the workout with warm-up exercises that will loosen the muscles and get the heart pumping.

Using  1 lb dumbbells in the beginning, in a standing position with feet wide apart and a dumbbell in each hand, extend dumbbell out from the body, bringing a dumbbell over to opposite foot, back to an upright position, alternating sides each time,  repeat exercise 10 times, relax a moment, repeat 10...

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Tighten Your Arms Using Bungee Cord

Tighten Arms

Exercises for arm fat are often needed and you can tighten your arms using bungee cord if you don’t have a workout routine in place.  Your arms will have an appearance of sagging skin and that’s not pretty. Some people have a bigger problem with this area than others but don’t be discouraged, you’ll just have to work a little harder. Most workouts will automatically cover these areas because you have to use your arms to perform most exercises or to lift weights.

Isolated exercises are available and some of those include:  using a bungee cord and sitting on the floor, feet together in front of you, place the cord around the feet so you will have an end in each hand. Adjustments to the cord may be needed to add more resistance by gripping further down the bungee cord...

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Swimming For Fun Or Lessons

Swimming Waters

Swimming is an all-time favorite for most people during the summer months but also can be the nightmare you often thought about. Swimming can be a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon, making a few laps around the pool to satisfy the daily exercise requirements you have set for yourself. Just floating around with a refreshing drink at hand is my version of enjoying a lazy day in the water. Adults and children love to be in the water on those hot summer days, but it can be a devastating time for someone who doesn’t know how to swim. The best gift in life is swimming lessons at an early age. The age that children should be taught to swim is truly undetermined but if the child displays a fearless concept when they’re in the water, it’s time for lessons...

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Bodybuilding For A Summer Body

Bodybuilding for a summer body or simply getting started with a new approach to life? It’s getting close to summer and everyone’s trying to get their body into shape for a fun-filled season of boat riding, sunbathing on the beaches and endless parties. No matter the reason, your workout should start with stretching exercises to loosen your muscles and prepare you for your the intense workout you desire. Being in tune with your body, knowing your limits, strengths, and weaknesses will keep you on the right track while roaring down the road for achievements. Everyone’s body responds differently so it’s important to know your limits and response time in order to reach targeted results.

Knowing the journey is long and the amount of time and exercise involved, be sure you’re ready to tackle the...

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Exercise Are You On Your Own?


Exercising is the best overall medicine for the body. It helps with daily stress, mobility, healthy mind, burning calories, blood sugar, flexibility and overall appearance of the body. Whether you go to the gym or exercise at home, your body deserves a chance at survival. Exercising in a group setting usually empowers you to accomplish your set goals while exercising alone could allow you to deceive yourself. Once upon a time, you could go to the gym with expectations of being properly instructed on equipment use, which part of the body it benefits, exercises that will help to achieve your goal and 30-minute group exercises instructing correct positions of each as well as the targeted area of the exercise, that’s not the case anymore...

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Advantages Of Daily Exercising

Daily Exercising

Daily Exercising

There are many jobs today that confine you to a specific area, while others offer the flexibility of constant movement. If you find yourself being in a position where movement is limited, you may want to join a gym or at least have a daily routine of brisk walks or personal exercise workout you can do at home. While your body needs to stay in motion to avoid the middle section from expanding, your heart needs a daily workout too. Staying active as you get older, gives your body flexibility to continue to do most of the things you did when you were young. Touching your toes when you bend over should be a task that takes little effort. Many people struggle with lacing their shoes or reaching for something on the top shelf when once it was a part of your daily routine...

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