Avoid Storing Fat With This Simple Truth

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Many years ago women would be looked down upon if they were on the fat side. In other words, 20 pounds over the specified chart that was used to determine your ideal weight and not possessing a barbie like figure. Times have changed and the means of determining weight has changed from using one simple chart to determine your ideal weight. The charts may be similar but the process to determine the actual body fat has certainly advanced.

If you are the one that will gain weight just from the smell of food, understanding how your body stores fat will help you improve the way you burn fat. Since the amount of exercise determines the amount of fat burned, what determines the amount of fat stored? It’s simple, if you don’t exercise in some fashion whether it’s walking daily or going to the gym, your body will either store the calories as muscle glycogen if you are fit or it will be stored in the fat cells if your body isn’t lean enough to store the calories for future use.

Exercising will help to redirect the calories for proper storage as muscle glycogen to be used at a later time and not stored as fat that will have to be worked off with more intense exercising. The amount of fat you burn during a workout will be determined by the type of workout you do. Cardio exercising alone will not burn enough calories to force the use of fat. However, cardio is necessary to increase your heart rate to keep it healthy and get your body to a fat shedding stage but more intense exercises using weights will help the body burn the fat and provide muscle to store some calories instead of the calories being stored as fat.

Weight training will help you build muscle and shed fat faster because it causes the body to use more force to perform the exercises, just as it’s harder to walk up a hill verses walking down a hill. If you had to walk carrying 25 lbs for 15 minutes it would take more strength than you walking with out the extra weight therefore you are burning more calories that won’t be stored as fat. This is not saying to use heavier weights to burn more fat but to use weights to intensify the workout. The amount of weight used should be determined by the stage of your workout process. Remember we’re building muscle not breaking it down. Build muscle for fat storage to avoid storing in fat cells.

Squats, lunges, and planks are the best for intense training but using weights with the current exercises will definitely give you an edge on burning more fat than exercising without them. Start with lower sized weights doing more repetitions and less sets then increase the weight doing less repetitions and more sets. You will see your body transform into a fat burning machine and won’t have to be worried about gaining weight from the smell of food. For more tips on body transformation:

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