Allergies Among Children



It can be hard to distinguish what causes allergies among children and determining the best solution for it. Depending on the weather at the time, it may be hard to determine if your child has a common or severe cold or if you’re dealing with allergy problems due to the fact that the symptoms are similar.  If it seems the child is always sick no matter what the season, it’s most likely an allergy problem and should be addressed with the pediatrician.  The doctor will be able to determine if it’s a specific allergy or if it’s something that will decrease as the child gets older and they’re able to prescribe medication for the allergies.

There are many things that cause allergies like pollen and some causes can be eliminated with a few actions from the caregiver. Dust mites are a huge influencer of allergies and keeping the areas that surround your child as clean as possible will decrease the flare-ups. House cleaning would be a great place to start even though most people dust certain areas on a weekly basis while other areas are not cleaned as often, like ceiling fans, curtains, pillows, and pets. Dust mites attach themselves to the clothes we wear on a daily basis and should be placed in a laundry hamper soon after removing them. Avoid contact with bed covers as much as possible before bath, and deter friends from sitting on your bed, adding their dust mites too.

If you have animals in your home, be sure they are bathed at least once a week to avoid adding pet dander to the existing problem and never allow pets to sleep in the same bed as the child. Sleeping with pets adds dander to the linens and also cause snoring problems because the dander blocks the air passages to the diaphragm.  Eliminating some causes of allergies will help your child with breathing normally.

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