10 Ways To Change Your Lifestyle After 40

Keep It Simple Many people don’t think about the future in terms of health in their 20’s and 30’s and do very little about it until the ’40s are approaching and beyond. Most of us figure there’s plenty of time to do the right thing later in life and surviving is the focus of the moment. The problem with that is, it will be harder to form a habit later leaving you to feel less adequate when you move toward healthier endeavors because you have to learn discipline once again. You can start living a more fulfilled life being smart today and avoid future health problems with these 10 steps:
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Schedule Sleep – Know how much sleep your body requires and adhere to the needs. A body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep to reach the full benefits of clearing the mind, resting the body, allowing the body to monetize the nutrients that have entered the body throughout the day, and detoxifying the body while at rest. You may find as you get older your body doesn’t require as much sleep.
Eat Within 1 Hour Of Awakening – Your body has been working thru out the night and eating will fuel the body and mind for the daily tasks. Eating every 4-6 hours throughout the day will keep you from over-eating and keeps your energy level higher.
Avoid Drops In Energy – Eat whole foods such as apples, almonds, raisins, grapes, etc to help avoid the junk food cravings that lead to overindulging and offer no real benefits.
Change Your Diet – Eat heart-healthy foods, eat 20-30 grams of protein each meal, this will keep the muscle mass strong. The more muscle mass the less body fat, lean muscle equals faster metabolism.
Increase Calcium Intake – 1000-1200 mg.daily for healthy bones (an antacid tablet contains calcium and sometimes used to increase the calcium intake)
Include B12 As A Dietary Supplement – B12 improves red blood cell production.
Increase Potassium Intake – Helps lower the risk of high blood pressure.
Eat 30 Grams Of Fiber A Day – Fiber lowers the risk of colon cancer and keeps bowels active, add more antioxidants to cleanse the entire system.
Keep Moving – The body needs to stay in motion to avoid losing muscle mass. Modify your movements if needed after all the body isn’t as young as it used to be and it may be harder to use the same movements.
Meditate Daily – Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression while strengthening the body. Imagine being in silence, concentrating on clearing the mind and allowing total relaxation to take over your body for 10 minutes daily. This is a great source to rejuvenate the body.

Follow these guidelines as a start to a healthier future and personalize your plan according to your needs by adding more valuable insights to your daily routine.

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