When Children Are Involved


Children Playing

When children are involved, whether it’s summer break from school, or if it’s on vacation, it’s important for them to know what the plans are, when they can expect to do kid-friendly activities and what is expected of them for you to enjoy the time too. Children are always anxious to do some type of activity, especially on vacation as soon as the destination is reached. Doing something small or less time consuming when you first arrive will allow you to enjoy the rest of the day because you can remind them, you allowed them to enjoy an activity first. Once you have unpacked and it’s time for your next level of enjoyment, let them know what you have chosen to do next, whether it’s on a kid level or not, they need to know what to expect.

Plans for the next kid event should be discussed with them, explain the time of day the activity will take place, where it will take place and the amount of time needed to reach the destination, that will remove the stress of them constantly asking when do we go. Let them know what you plan to do if the original plans don’t work out, but only if those plans fall through, or they will be expecting to do that also. Disappointing a child at the beginning of a vacation could be your worst nightmare, because contrary to your belief, they can make it miserable for you because they have expectations too.

They should know how much time is allotted for any event that is strictly for their enjoyment and they can expect to engage in activities that might not be as pleasing to them to give you an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Allow time for naps, especially for younger kids because they can be very fussy if enough rest time isn’t provided, and this may be a perfect time for you to recuperate as well, after all, you will need time for relaxation and this may be a perfect time.

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