Simple Facts That Improve Your Life


Improve Life

Listening to John Tesh, give simple facts that improve your life, or as he refers to intelligence for your life, a few pointers to refer to from time to time. Offering tips on many aspects of life is very enjoyable and he relates situations in everyday life. Did you know that sitting up straight for one minute during the day will increase productivity by 55%? Sitting up straight and walking with your shoulders back will increase oxygen flow to your brain and blood vessels by simply allowing the blood to flow freely. It also diminishes fatigue and lowers the anxiety levels that cause you to feel tired, sleepy and simply controls your overall feelings.  It also decreases the likeliness of having an abdominal bulge. Keeping your shoulders in the correct position is something most of us have a problem doing because it’s easier to slouch than to stay in an upright position constantly.

Certain vegetables will improve your memory as you get older, and three of the six vegetables are peas, spinach, and eggs, not remembering the other three is a result of not eating enough of the ones remembered. Memory is something everyone struggles with and it only gets worse as you get older, so be sure to include as many of those foods as possible in order to keep your memory alive as you get older.

Relationships between you and your partner can be improved by simply giving a new approach to your greeting after a long day at work instead of just speaking as you come in the door. People like to feel appreciated and that their presence matters to you. Another way is to do one of those chores that you know is nagging to them. It’s likely there’s something you don’t like doing that they will do for you in return.

Intelligence for your life, give it a try.

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