Make A Choice Not To Ride The Weight Roller Coaster

Decision On Food

Make a choice not to ride the weight rollercoaster because it’s the least fun of all roller coasters. Weight is one subject that you hear people talk about quite often, especially if you work in an office that’s predominantly female. Women’s conversations about the strategies used for life’s roller coaster ride of weight management, is sometimes very comical and other times you can get great ideas that actually work for you. I’m sure the struggle is real but let’s face it, the best diet in the world is not going to help if you’re not consistent with it or have a maintenance plan in place once you achieve your targeted goal. First of all, if you’re not in tune with your body, pounds can sneak up on you before you’ve had a chance to realize it...

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Quit Smoking And Enjoy Life While You Can

Quit Smoking

 It’s easier to quit smoking with the assistance of a family member or friend because having their support keeps you committed. Having positive reinforcement is the only way to overcome any addiction you have and smoking is one of those addictions when you’ll need support to quit. I have heard time and time again, how people have tried several times, on several occasions, to quit smoking and there are several options to choose from ranging from gum to medications, even hypnosis.  I had a brief conversation with a friend in which I  haven’t corresponded with until we crossed paths recently and found that she had stopped smoking over a year ago...

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