Building A Butt That People Notice

Butt Results

Building a butt that people notice is usually the reason for butt exercising in the first place while routine exercises will help tighten the muscles without butt concentration exercises. But if you’re wanting to make a noticeable difference in the size and shape, a different approach is needed. Remember the times when trying on clothes, to find that perfect outfit, and the one you really wanted, looking good on, but would look better if the butt was more developed?  We’re going to talk about a few exercises to get you started in this direction and once the buttocks have begun to develop, more exercises will be covered in future articles, so don’t miss out.

While many people tend to walk with their butts sticking out,  is the reason to start the exercises with a concentrati...

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Longer Healthier Hair That Shines

If you’re looking for longer healthier hair, according to the experts there are a few ingredients to be considered when selecting products used on your hair. Most shampoos are filled with sulfates that strip the oils needed for healthier hair and most people shampoo their hair on a daily basis and without using a conditioner. When shampooing the hair, only lather up the scalp and allow the suds to slide down the hair to remove the dirt and build up on the hair. I never thought about only adding shampoo to my scalp and not my hair. When I was a little girl and learning to shampoo my hair, my mother would always say, let me smell your head to see if it’s clean...

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Massages Promote Positive Effects


Massages promote positive effects on the body in many different ways. At one-time massage’s were considered to be a relaxation therapy that only the upper-class people would get to relax them after a long day. While this may still be true, massage’s have become more effective, relieving many more medical symptoms than they are given credit. Some men categorize massages as a way for women to pamper themselves, while this is true, it also relaxes the muscles in the body while relieving pains in different areas of the body.  Massage does not only relieve stress and feels good to the body but there are a number of reasons many people should consider getting a massage.

Massages improve balance in older adults, decreasing the potential to fall and cause more serious damage but also de...

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Allergies Among Children


It can be hard to distinguish what causes allergies among children and determining the best solution for it. Depending on the weather at the time, it may be hard to determine if your child has a common or severe cold or if you’re dealing with allergy problems due to the fact that the symptoms are similar.  If it seems the child is always sick no matter what the season, it’s most likely an allergy problem and should be addressed with the pediatrician.  The doctor will be able to determine if it’s a specific allergy or if it’s something that will decrease as the child gets older and they’re able to prescribe medication for the allergies.

There are many things that cause allergies like pollen and some causes can be eliminated with a few actions from the caregiver...

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Blood Clots Were Passed

Blood Clots

Blood clots were passed after my friends’ menstrual cycle had ended and she was terrified. The day after her menstrual cycle had ended and no signs of blood, suddenly she began passing large blood clots, size of a golf ball and passed several before conferring with her doctor. After a couple of hours of passing clots and having lots of pain in her abdomen, she called her doctor to see if he was available to see her. He told her to come in at a certain time that was an hour after calling and performed many tests including pregnancy test which she really didn’t think was a possibility since she has just had a menstrual cycle even though she was horrified to think it could be a miscarriage and then a vaginal sonogram was performed.

To no avail, no acceptable reason was g...

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Healthy Recipe That’s Right For Summer

Healthy Food

A delicious healthy recipe that’s right for Summer, lite weight and definitely accents many meals that will be served during the summer months. Its simplicity is the best part and so much flavor is involved when the broccoli, red onions meet the bacon and with the raisins and sunflower seeds incorporated, it’s a dish you want to try.

Broccoli Salad

1 bunch of fresh broccoli chopped  ( small pieces )

1/2 cup chopped onion   red or Vidalia

1/2 cup salted sunflower seeds or nuts

1/2 cup raisins

8 strips of crisp bacon crumbled or real bacon bits

Mix all salad ingredients together and toss.


1/2 cup sugar or sweetener

1 T. vinegar or red wine

1/2 cup mayo

Mix ingredients and put aside, the dressing should be added to the salad about 30 minutes before serving.


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Constipation Leads To Missed Opportunities


Constipation leads to missed opportunities that you could enjoy and some of those that you may be glad to miss. This is something that almost every human being has experienced at once in their lifetime, whether it’s remembered or if it was during the infant stage of life.  If it’s remembered, you know all too well, how horrible it can make you feel. Daily bowel movements are a natural part of everyday life and unfortunately something that parents have to try to keep up with, not only for themselves but their children too.

I had a friend, that worked all the time, or at least it seemed that way, on two different occasions her son was constipated, complaining of a stomach ache for a couple of days, not knowing if he had a bowel movement or not...

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Helpful Hints So You Can Enjoy Life

Helpful Hints

Here are a few helpful hints so you can enjoy life as you take care of the family. Time spent doing the things we enjoy is precious to every individual and helpful hints that improve the ability to make this happen are also precious. These helpful suggestions will also help if you’re pushed for time and you are in charge of making dinner for friends or family.

Helpful hints when cooking:

1) Perk up your lettuce by adding lemon juice to a bowl of cold water and soak for an hour.

2) Lettuce and celery keep longer if you store in a paper bag instead of cellophane.

3) If fresh vegetables are wilted or blemished, pick off the brown edges, sprinkle with cool water, wrap in a paper towel and refrigerate for an hour.

4) If you oversalt a vegetable or soup, cut up a raw potato and d...

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When Children Are Involved

Children Playing

When children are involved, whether it’s summer break from school, or if it’s on vacation, it’s important for them to know what the plans are, when they can expect to do kid-friendly activities and what is expected of them for you to enjoy the time too. Children are always anxious to do some type of activity, especially on vacation as soon as the destination is reached. Doing something small or less time consuming when you first arrive will allow you to enjoy the rest of the day because you can remind them, you allowed them to enjoy an activity first. Once you have unpacked and it’s time for your next level of enjoyment, let them know what you have chosen to do next, whether it’s on a kid level or not, they need to know what to expect.

Plans for the next kid event should...

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Vacations Relieve The Stress


It’s necessary to take time away from normal activities because vacations relieve the stress of everyday life. Sometimes taking vacation leaves you feeling less rested than before you went due to over planning activities while you’re there. It’s important to talk about the vacation before you start out so that everyone is clear on their role and activities in which you will be engaged. It’s only fair that everyone involved gets the opportunity for a special event, no matter how small it might be, during the vacation time allotted and to know that it’s ok not to participate in everything...

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Simple Facts That Improve Your Life

Improve Life

Listening to John Tesh, give simple facts that improve your life, or as he refers to intelligence for your life, a few pointers to refer to from time to time. Offering tips on many aspects of life is very enjoyable and he relates situations in everyday life. Did you know that sitting up straight for one minute during the day will increase productivity by 55%? Sitting up straight and walking with your shoulders back will increase oxygen flow to your brain and blood vessels by simply allowing the blood to flow freely. It also diminishes fatigue and lowers the anxiety levels that cause you to feel tired, sleepy and simply controls your overall feelings.  It also decreases the likeliness of having an abdominal bulge. Keeping your shoulders in the correct position is something m...

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Gift Of Giving Birth

Pregnancy Before Birth

Giving birth to a precious baby is a gift in life that most women expect to happen during adulthood and knowing what to expect and how to react to the bodies changing forms is not something you should learn thru trial and error. This time in life should be taken very seriously and preparing yourself for it will ease the physical and emotional pain that you’ll endure. Pregnancy can be enjoyed if prepared and what you do during the pregnancy will have effects on the baby’s survival.

Taking care of your body, eating nutritious meals, knowing medications allowed to take during pregnancy, talking and reading to them, having a good attitude, not getting upset are among a few things that you can control...

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Kegel Exercises Are Beneficial

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are beneficial to both women and men. Learning the exercises while pregnant will help women prepare for easier childbirth by strengthening the muscles surrounding the vaginal floor. Having stronger muscles will give the ability to push at appropriate times during childbirth to avoid extra exertion during delivery. It will also help during pregnancy because you’re able to control the bladder on a different level. Feeling like you have to run to the bathroom to avoid wetting yourself or even leaking while laughing or coughing, will give you the control you need...

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Flatten The Tummy As You Walk

Flat Tummy

You can flatten the tummy as you walk by simply holding your stomach in, over time this will become natural. By gently holding in the stomach, the abdominal muscles will start to tighten and result in a tighter tummy and the workout process will seem much easier when faster results are revealed. This will not completely take care of the problem area but it aides in the process as you add abdominal exercises to your routine. Not only does this train the abdominal muscles but also improves the posture which in return, improves the oxygen level in the lungs, so the energy level will improve. Working the abdominal muscles as you are sitting will be beneficial as well and will keep the focus on the muscles at all times.

Lying on the floor, with knees bent and arms outstretched in f...

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Waist Your Time On Working Abs


If it’s time for a workout, you can waist your time on working abs. Start slimming your waistline with the following exercises that not only work the waist but lower back areas where fat builds up and few abdominal exercises included. Abdominals covered in the next blog. Remember to warm-up before starting any exercises.

Standing with feet 12 inches apart, raise left arm over the head with palm facing up, the other hand on hip, bend only the waist to the right are far as possible keeping hips in place, back to the upright position, repeat 10 times, change arms, complete 3 sets.

Standing with feet 12 in. apart, fold arms and raise to chest level, twisting from side to side while keeping the hips forward and arms stationary with 1,2 bounce each time. Repeat 20 times.

Lying on the flo...

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Make Those Thunder Thighs Roll


Exercising can make those thunder thighs roll into the perfection of everyone’s dream. Having large legs can be a good thing if you exercise to keep them with a profound definition. Great looking legs no matter what size will cause envy and will boost the ego. Always begin with a warm-up exercise before doing more strenuous ones.

Exercises that can be done at home or in the gym with the right equipment: With a bungee cord, tie one end forming a circle to go around the ankle,  using a high back or around waist level chair, tie the other end to the chair leaving a foot of slack in cord, stand beside the chair back with one hand on the chair for balance, slip foot of outer leg into the circle and extend leg out to the side and back in to other foot, repeat 15 times on each side.


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You Can Lose Fat By Adding Weight

Fat On Back

Did you know that you can lose fat by adding weight? Since back fat is the number one reason that new summer top that’s so cute and all the summer clothes that were purchased at the end of the season and for a great price, doesn’t fit as good on the body as remembered.  By adding weights to the workout, it will change the appearance of the body and the cute top will look great again. Start the workout with warm-up exercises that will loosen the muscles and get the heart pumping.

Using  1 lb dumbbells in the beginning, in a standing position with feet wide apart and a dumbbell in each hand, extend dumbbell out from the body, bringing a dumbbell over to opposite foot, back to an upright position, alternating sides each time,  repeat exercise 10 times, relax a moment, repeat 10...

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Tighten Your Arms Using Bungee Cord

Tighten Arms

Exercises for arm fat are often needed and you can tighten your arms using bungee cord if you don’t have a workout routine in place.  Your arms will have an appearance of sagging skin and that’s not pretty. Some people have a bigger problem with this area than others but don’t be discouraged, you’ll just have to work a little harder. Most workouts will automatically cover these areas because you have to use your arms to perform most exercises or to lift weights.

Isolated exercises are available and some of those include:  using a bungee cord and sitting on the floor, feet together in front of you, place the cord around the feet so you will have an end in each hand. Adjustments to the cord may be needed to add more resistance by gripping further down the bungee cord...

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Avoiding Germs Can Seem Impossible

Avoid Germs

If you recently had a baby, avoiding germs seem to be impossible. Lots of women sanitize their home in the last week or so of their pregnancy yet have no problem taking the little one among other people within the first week home. Babies start with a very low tolerance to germs and should be secluded as long as possible. Do you think about the germs that are being spread just from someone else holding you’re baby? I’m not a germaphobic but you would have thought differently if you were around after the birth of my child. I used glass bottles for the first 3 months of her life that I gathered from the hospital because I was able to boil the bottles after each use. I used baby milk from a can so I didn’t have to boil the water to mix with milk substances. Cleaning the baby’s ba...

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Diabetes Is Not Something You’re Required To Live With

Diabetes Test Results

According to Dr. Mark Weis of Ascend Nutritionals diabetes is not something you’re required to live with. Diabetes is not something that’s caused by foods you eat like sweets or carbohydrates but caused by a lack of nutritious that repair beta cells in the pancreas. Beta cell destruction within the pancreas is the cause of developing diabetes and requires medications to control blood sugar levels. Having close contact with diabetic sufferers will cause anyone with or without diabetes to research any type of information to alleviate diabetes. Seeing the effects that diabetes has on individuals is quite disturbing, watching a person with low blood sugar look around a room, dazed and confused, talking with the same confusion or slip into a passed out capacity is really f...

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