Living With Diabetes Requires Special Attention

Diabetes Testing

Do you know someone who is living with diabetes? If you answered yes, you know living with diabetes requires special attention and you may have experienced some of the situations I will be discussing. For many years of living with and being next door to my parents who both had type I diabetes, it becomes a natural instinct to pay attention to their demeanor. My mother experienced many episodes of low blood sugar that required ambulance services.

It’s important to have a specified diet to follow to avoid fluctuation of sugar levels. Many foods that contain high carb content can be just as bad as eating sweets on a regular basis. The seasonings used plays a big part in the taste of the food but can also bring negative influences on the body. Lots of salt content is a negative source for diabetics and substitutions should be used to avoid water build-up because diabetes has a way of damaging the heart in the process.

Daily exercise can help to balance the unwanted sugar that the body stores, even if walking is the only exercise used. Eating at scheduled times and adding a recommended snack will help keep excess weight off as you focus on caring for the illness. High blood sugar will make you feel light-headed and sometimes confused, but low blood sugar can do the same and confused enough that it can be detected by family members through facial expressions of the individual. That usually happens when the glucose level has dropped tremendously and sugar level needs to be elevated as quickly as possible.

To assist in this situation, check the person glucose level, if low, offer something sweet that will elevate sugar quickly, like orange juice or peppermint but only if the person is able to swallow without choking. Talk to them to keep them coherent and if the sugar level is too low to elevate yourself, call 911 because you want to avoid slipping into a diabetic coma.

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