Helpful Hints So You Can Enjoy Life


Helpful Hints

Here are a few helpful hints so you can enjoy life as you take care of the family. Time spent doing the things we enjoy is precious to every individual and helpful hints that improve the ability to make this happen are also precious. These helpful suggestions will also help if you’re pushed for time and you are in charge of making dinner for friends or family.

Helpful hints when cooking:

1) Perk up your lettuce by adding lemon juice to a bowl of cold water and soak for an hour.

2) Lettuce and celery keep longer if you store in a paper bag instead of cellophane.

3) If fresh vegetables are wilted or blemished, pick off the brown edges, sprinkle with cool water, wrap in a paper towel and refrigerate for an hour.

4) If you oversalt a vegetable or soup, cut up a raw potato and discard potato once they have cooked and absorbed the salt.

5) No more tears when peeling onions if you place them in the freezer for 4 or 5 minutes first or cut the root end off last.

6) A thin slice cut at the ends of the potato will speed up the bake time or you can boil them for 10 mins before putting in the oven.

7) A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separate.

8) Muffins will slide out of the pan if the hot pan is placed on a wet towel straight from the oven.

9) Determine if an egg is fresh by immersing it in a pan of cool salted water if it sinks it’s fresh if it rises to the top throw it away.

10) Egg shells can be easily removed from hard-boiled eggs if they are quickly rinsed in cold water as soon as done.

I hope the tips improve your life, at least increased your knowledge.


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