Constipation Leads To Missed Opportunities



Constipation¬†leads to missed opportunities that you could enjoy and some of those that you may be glad to miss. This is something that almost every human being has experienced at once in their lifetime, whether it’s remembered or if it was during the infant stage of life.¬† If it’s remembered, you know all too well, how horrible it can make you feel. Daily bowel movements are a natural part of everyday life and unfortunately something that parents have to try to keep up with, not only for themselves but their children too.

I had a friend, that worked all the time, or at least it seemed that way, on two different occasions her son was constipated, complaining of a stomach ache for a couple of days, not knowing if he had a bowel movement or not. Mom decided she has done everything she knew to do, giving him medication to help relieve the pain but nothing was working. She decided to take him to see his pediatric doctor and reluctant to find it was only constipation and not something more serious.

Well a few years later, a weekend getaway was planned and one very much needed, it happened again. Her son complained of a stomach ache that Friday morning before the scheduled trip and excited for the opportunity to get away, they were on the road, ready to reach their destination to enjoy some fun-filled times. He was still complaining on Saturday, so activities for that day was canceled along with Sunday activities in order to return home earlier than planned, bummed out, she took him to the doctor on Monday. The same results of constipation were the issue and now thinking, missed opportunity of fun just because he was full of crap. It’s not easy to keep up with everything but it sure is important to try.

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