Buttock Exercises Continue



Buttocks exercises continue to improve the overall physique of the body as more exercises are included in the workout routine. Continuing to perform the beginning exercises with added repetitions will keep the body looking great while building confidence and adding to exercise options. Keeping the correct form for each exercise is very important to achieve the intended results,  and adding weights to the routine will improve results after establishing the initials exercises into a weekly routine.

On the floor, on all fours, extend the right leg out to the side, aligned with the hips. keeping the hips forward,  with toes pointed, lift the leg up to hip level and back to the floor, repeating 10 reps and 3 sets alternating sets with the left side.  Repeat the same exercise with the foot flexed.

On all fours, keeping the body aligned during exercise and not leaning, keeping the same position, except now with a bended knee, as if using a fire hydrant, lift the leg to hip level and lower to the original position. With a normal pace of movement, repeat on the other side, 5 reps 5 sets, sets may be alternated on each side. Increase reps by 1 or 2 each week.

On the back, knees bent in a 90-degree angle, with the feet on the floor, 3 inches past shoulder level and pointing outward, lift buttocks up to hip level, hold for 5 seconds then lower to the original position. Repeat 10 reps 5 sets.

On all fours, extend the leg back with toes pointed, swing leg to the side keeping the body position or form, then swing the leg to the back and upward, continue 20 reps each side for 5 sets.

It’s also important while performing buttock building exercises to stay focused on keeping the pelvis in a forward position targeting the right muscles to maximize the results.

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