Blood Clots Were Passed


Blood Clots





Blood clots were passed after my friends’ menstrual cycle had ended and she was terrified. The day after her menstrual cycle had ended and no signs of blood, suddenly she began passing large blood clots, size of a golf ball and passed several before conferring with her doctor. After a couple of hours of passing clots and having lots of pain in her abdomen, she called her doctor to see if he was available to see her. He told her to come in at a certain time that was an hour after calling and performed many tests including pregnancy test which she really didn’t think was a possibility since she has just had a menstrual cycle even though she was horrified to think it could be a miscarriage and then a vaginal sonogram was performed.

To no avail, no acceptable reason was given to her about why this was happening.  The only explanation given was that it comes from leftover blood in the uterus from her period. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t even seem possible since you normally pass 2 tablespoons of blood during a menstrual cycle, there was more blood in the clots than 2 tablespoons. Was it build up blood from periods in the past?

Needless to say two days later she ended up in the emergency room from severe abdominal pains. After a series of test again and including a CT scan of the abdomen, she was told she had a bladder infection.   So I can only assume the bladder infection was caused by the passing of blood clots. Her employer was kind enough to give her the next few days off for her to rest in pain. She was given a prescription of antibiotics and other medication to help with the abdominal pain. The large blood clots still remain a mystery so if you know someone that’s had the same type problems, please share in the comment section.


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