Avoid Unnecessary Trips To The Hospital


Unless you feel that it’s an emergency, avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. An emergency is a life-threatening situation in which you feel you may not live another day. Calling a nurse hotline is the first step that should be taken to find the relief you need for the situation, and calling within the first day or two that symptoms appear. I have a dear friend that recently had a situation, being afraid it was appendicitis, that was not addressed in the first 48 hours and by the third day, she was barely able to walk, and wasn’t able to go to work either. She decided it was time to go to the emergency room because earlier in the same week, she had passed multiple blood clots and visited her gynecologist, undergoing tests, with no results, so she wasn’t sure if the two instants were related. After several hours in the emergency room, still having a great amount of pain, and undergoing multiple tests including a CT scan, another pregnancy test and several other tests that ruled out certain possibilities, she was given the diagnosis of a severe bladder infection along with prescriptions of medications to reduce the pain and eliminate the infection. When she received the bill from the hospital visit, totaling 5099.30, I thought she was really going to need an emergency room, for a heart attack. If she had called a nurse hotline or video chat with a doctor, offered by some insurance companies, the bill may have been reduced to the amount of a doctor visit. On two other occasions, another friend had taken her daughter to the doctors’ office for a result of constipation. Can you imagine paying for 2 office visits to find out she was full of s—? Avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital and doctors office whenever possible and use any services provided by insurance or other sources to avoid the high cost and loss of time spent in the emergency room.




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