Advantages Of Both Parents Being Present In Childrens Lives


There are many advantages of both parents being present in children’s lives and some of the results are very obvious. I was watching a family interact with their child in a pool this past weekend, and seeing parents and older brother interact with the child was amazing. Tossing him between the father and brother, he was having the time of his life, receiving total dedication of their time for his enjoyment. He was only 2 years old but had the mentality of a 4 years old, when he splashed into the water with his chest hitting first, I thought oh God is he ok? Parents asking him if he was ok, he quickly shook it off without shedding a single tear, replying I’m okay as he directed them to toss him again, he was ready.

Interacting with his parents, on a higher level than some adults, and conversating with a high level of intelligence, with the family engaged in the child’s activities and focused on him, he was able to make some decisions to show he was a big boy and that was important to him. Children are able to learn and adapt to situations when they feel they have love, support, and safety from their family, helps them to gain the confidence needed to develop skills of coping and sharing with others while learning respect for others.

Spending quality time and involving children lets them know they are important and when they feel they’re important, they want to mimic the actions of the parents and other disciplined people that play a role in their lives. This gives you the best tools offered for developing their skills for caring, sharing, and showing good behavior among the long list of responsibilities as a parent. Show attention now or deal with the problems later because every child deserves that special attention and parents should not deprive them of the time they need to bond and grow. At least show them the intense love that you show your pet. What’re your thoughts?

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